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Super easy-to-use tool that provides the simplicity I need and the flexibility to adapt to changes and sizes of staffing. With our small team, there are actually a lot of features that I don’t use but I can see them being useful. Obviously someone who has had to manage a team of staff was involved in making this tool – it really includes everything.

Brewery scheduling

March 3, 2017 - Diana McKenzie


Manage Requests

Approve or deny shift swaps, drops, pickups and time off requests instantly in-app from anywhere.

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Take your business to the next level with our leading employee scheduling app. We have what you need: high standard, good quality and the proof for it. 

Easy Access

Swiftly create schedules on the go while employees can access them from anywhere, instantly, via the mobile app.

Error-Free Scheduling

Easily set up and view employee availability and working parameters to create error-free schedules in moments.

Control Labor Costs

Gain feedback of projected labor costs and working hours in real time during the scheduling process.

Template Creation

Effortlessly repeat schedules by saving them as templates with the ability to make adjustments where needed.

Eliminate absenteeism and tardiness with automated shift reminders for employees using push notifications, SMS and emails.

Shift Alerts

An Employee Scheduling App That Helps You Save 40% Of Team Time 

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