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Time Tracking Flexibility

Different businesses have different needs when it comes to time tracking. Use the method that suits your organization by utilizing QR codes, pin codes, photoClocking, web browser, tablet, SMS, or the mobile app. Whether you manage a single or multiple locations, ensure employees are in the right place when required by implementing geo-fencing and GPS stamps.

Handle Your Payroll Needs Masterfully with the Gusto and Ximble Integration 

How Ximble Helps 

Syncing Gusto and Ximble is a very convenient way to process your payroll with no hassle. Ximble allows you to accurately track work hours of your staff members through a variety of different methods. Whether you prefer to track their time through clocking in on their smart phones, web panel or tablet app by using PIN codes or facial recognition - we got you covered. Your management team can easily review and approve such entries through Ximble, and once ready, this data can be synchronized to Gusto for payroll processing. There is no need to manually track overtime since our automated platform can handle that and simply feed Gusto with that information. 

Track Overtime, Paid Time Off & Accruals

Easily calculate how much overtime has been worked, paid time off has been taken or how much has been accrued for each individual employee. Ximble automatically calculates the amount of accrued PTO employees have earned based on their assigned policies and how many hours they have worked. Additionally, any paid time off taken and overtime is calculated in seconds through the payroll reports feature, ensuring precise payments are made to staff.

Easy Timesheet Review

Timesheet entries can be viewed with ease and at a glance. Reviewing, editing and approving timesheet data can be swiftly carried out individually or in bulk. Any modifications are easily achieved through simple inline editing. Once an entry is approved, it is ready to be processed in payroll reports.

Reports Processing

Any approved timesheet data will be available for processing in payroll reports. Generate flawless and clear payroll reports in mere seconds from the precise time tracking data in preparation for exporting into Gusto. Using the wealth of employee information, Ximble is capable of generating a variety of additional reports to support intelligent employee management by providing valuable and insightful information.

Success Stories of Ximble+Gusto Integration 

Find out how miR Diagnostics implemented Ximble’s time tracking features for their employees and how it improved their payroll operations through the Gusto integration. 

miR Diagnostics 

Followell Fotography 

Effective time tracking in and out of the office and Gusto integration was important for this photography company. Find out how Ximble stepped up to meet the challenge. 


Discover how the time tracking and extensive feature of Ximble helped improve ILKB’s operations with the Gusto integrations and ximbleChat platform without breaking the bank. 


Ximble provided an inexpensive and user friendly solution to CARP’s time tracking and Gusto integration needs. Find what won them over and how it bettered their operations. 

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