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Use Ximble with Gusto for a quicker, more reliable, payroll process. 

Innovative time-tracking

Collect data you trust, without fuss. Staff can clock in via mobile app or web browser, but thanks to geo-fencing, you choose which locations are permitted. In the office, staff can clock in by PIN, QR code, or ultra-reliable facial recognition.

Complete Payroll with Perfect Timing 

How Ximble helps 

Ximble saves you time and money by simplifying staff scheduling, time-tracking, and the entire payroll process. Our intuitive design makes creating and editing perfect schedules easy. We offer many ways to track time, wherever employees work. And you can send payroll data to Gusto, for however many employees you choose, in seconds.

Compliance without complications

Don’t stress about the details. Ximble tracks how much overtime and paid time off employees accumulate, based on local law and company policy. When it’s time for payroll, calculate the results in seconds.

Easy timesheet Review

Always be in the know, even on the go. Review, edit, and approve timesheets from anywhere, using Ximble’s time clock app. Then, instantly send approved entries to Gusto.

Actionable insights

Get insights into your business, with instant reports available once timesheets are approved. Compare scheduled hours to time worked, review labor cost by location, and much more.

Success Stories of Ximble+Gusto Integration

Find out how miR Diagnostics implemented Ximble’s time tracking features for their employees and how it improved their payroll operations through the Gusto integration. 

miR Diagnostics 

Followell Fotography 

Effective time tracking in and out of the office and Gusto integration was important for this photography company. Find out how Ximble stepped up to meet the challenge. 


Discover how the time tracking and extensive feature of Ximble helped improve ILKB’s operations with the Gusto integrations and ximbleChat platform without breaking the bank. 


Ximble provided an inexpensive and user friendly solution to CARP’s time tracking and Gusto integration needs. Find what won them over and how it bettered their operations. 







Saving on payroll cost

Time saved on scheduling

Increase in revenue per scheduled employee

Rise in attendance & punctuality

Utilizing powerful integrations

Reduction in calls & texts